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All Time
Ever since humans could use tools, they have built structures; some structures and building principals never change.
Principals of war never change either: if you don't want to get shot, find something to hide behind and if there's nothing there, build something.  Sometimes you just do whatever you can with the materials available; other times, sticks and rope are the pinnacle of technology.
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Corporate Warzone
Life isn't easy in this corporate warzone we like to call Tile City.  
Most of the inhabitants spend most of their day dodging meetings and trying to line up shots at the financial competition, but some days you find that bullets are more in need of dodging because espionage has turned to armed conflict and the city has turned a cold shoulder on your helpless plight.
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Crystal Field
::EXCERPT FROM LOG 43.777.4.12::
"No, we can't identify their composition from orbit; if you want to know what they're made of, you'll have to go down with the survey team and test the crystals yourself.
The ground all around the ruins is too soft to set a shuttle on and is saturated with these unknown crystals. It looks like whoever build that thing tried to put it as close to the center of the crystal field as possible; as a result, the nearest landing zone is twenty point seven six kilometers from what we believe to be the entrance of the ruins.
Launch is scheduled for zero five hundred hours.  Get some sleep; you'll be on the surface for a long time."
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