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Boardwalk on the Bayou
There is no telling how long these planks have been here, nor is there any indication as to who laid them or why.
The smells of sulfur and rot permeate everything around you, including your clothes and hair, and you wonder: "How did I get here? Where am I going?"
The light that you saw in the distance flickers like fire, but always seems to be just beyond the edge of the fog as the boardwalk leads you ever deeper into the bayou.
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Crystal Field
::EXCERPT FROM LOG 43.777.4.23::
"We've managed to make it fifteen kilometers from the landing site; only about six more to go.  These crystals are playing havoc with long-range sensors, communication, and any vehicle that isn't tall enough to drive right over them.
We left one of the light haulers behind when it cracked its second drive shaft, and we've been using it as a signal repeater.  It won't be long before we have to set a second repeater.  
If the ground were stronger around the ruins, this awful trek could've been avoided.  Damned research division always want's to bring all the heavy gear."
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Display and Accessories
Do you have a SUPER-AWESOME-EPICLY-HEROIC hero model that is just too cool to stand on the same level as the rest of your troops?  Do you want a base that looks great in a display case and, well, a little awkward on the battlefield?

Then you need a Plinth!
"It's like a column, with a dude on it."
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Forest Floor
In times of old, these forests were where the great trees of legend took root.  Life exuberant would come here and grow here; here among the great ancient giants who were, of course, even ancient then, as the great trees are older than time itself.  But that is all changed; something else has taken root, and the only thing that grows around the stumps and dead fall is tension and worry over when the ogres will come again and kill again. more info
Tile City
As I step out onto the street the sun beats down on the now worn paving tiles that once mirrored our clean, crisp, polished ambition of building a clean, crisp, polished society; but that was years ago.  These days you don't have to look far to see that the grout has gotten dirty, the edges have been chipped, and everything seems to have scuff marks that go deeper than the surface; and that's just the people, to say nothing of the city itself.
Another siren in the distance, another body on the corner: it's just another day in Tile City.
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